Hot stamping Foil Film (heat transfer Foil Film)(Part)

Metallic Effect        Holographic Effect-- customer or public design  
Holographic-Transparent Effect Oily-Transparent Effect Printing Effect

In the generally, the hot stamping foil film also called the heat transfer foil film and used in paper material, plastic material, textile material and fabric material, building material and furniture.
The effect of hot stamping has metallic, holographic, oily, holographic-transparent and oily-transparent. Used in the paper material, plastic material and textile material, such as paper card, colothes, visa card.
The printed effect of hot stamping is used in the furniture and building, such as PVC lath, PVC covering…and so on.

Material & Thickness:

Polyester Film 15micron…


500mm ~ 1500mm
Beside the max of Printing effect is 960mm


Jumbo roll with 3”core
small roll with 1” core


Paper material
Plastic material- PVC, ABS, PP… or injection mold
Textile, Fabric material … and more
※ Using the Heat and Pressure stamping the foil on the Paper, Plastic material
※ Using the adhesive, Heat and Pressure stamping the foil on the Fabric, textile material

Main products:

Wrapping Packaging
Cards, Boxes
Cosmetic Receivers, Decorative
Building Materials
Clothes …and more

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