YuoCheng Co., Ltd¡@Introduction

YuoCheng Co., Ltd devote to study the holographic, metallic foil film and printing foil film apply in the different substrate as Packaging, Art Lamps and Lanterns, Shoes, Textile, Leather, Building, Furniture¡K Besides keeping the original function but also displaying different effect.
YuoCheng Co., Ltd main products¡G

¡° Be capable to develop and match the customer demand to make the plate of hologram or printing; as the hologram sticker¡Kand so on.
¡° A range of laminating film, hot stamping foil film, heat transfer foil film, whole transfer foil film¡Kand so on. The effect has the metallic, holographic, printing¡Kand so on. Used on the paper material, plastic material, textile material, fabric material, artificial leather¡Kand so on.
¡° A rang of the packaging in gift, flower¡Kand so on. The effect has holographic wrap, rainbow film, non-woven, ribbon¡Kand so on.

YuoCheng Co., Ltd will continue to study different effect and function of the substrate of packaging in the future and let the applied products own the most additional quality. YuoCheng match the customer demand to produce it, this because satisfied the customer demand and crate win-win situation is our purpose.

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